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A very capable Windows Grep, search, replace and data extraction tool

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Announcement - 26.09.2021

My name is Atilla YARALI.
I am the owner of this website.
I regret to say that I stopped developing the MultiReplacer program a long time ago.
But I am posting the codes of the software on git website.
I hope this will be useful.
Best Regards,

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  • Search for files using powerful text matching commands called Regular Expressions
  • You can search/replace one or more than one information on one or more than one file resources.
  • After the searcing process you can save search results (data extraction).
  • Matches are shown in files list, Matches List etc
  • You can find Diff View Form into the program for preview before and after replace process.
  • Search operations can be performed according to several file formats. (csv files,fixed length text files etc.)
  • Multi Replacer used "Multi Thread" system. This is not effect your computer performance and Multi Thread provided quick and efficiently search operation.
  • While you are using Multi Search and Multi Replace on search operation, you can search one or more than information correlation for advanced search operation.
  • You can search or replace operation in the file or file name "File Renamer".
  • Unicode (UTF8) text documents supported.
  • PDF,Microsoft Word (*.doc,*.docx) & Microsoft Excel (*.xls,xlsx) files supported (Search Only)

Multi replacer program is a powerful file browser, text search, replace and data extraction program. This program runs in windows environment and supports regular expressions which is a very useful feature.

With Multireplacer, the process is done step by step. Each step is designed in an easy understandable way. Various reports can be taken from a lot of pages in the program.

Multi replacer has multiple file selection feature. Any number of files and directories can be added to the list of selection. In addition to its multiple file selection feature; multiple text and information search / replace operations can be easily done. By establishing some links between information search proceses and the others; advanced text search / replace techniques are supported. After the search; the undesirable files can be removed from the list before starting to replace process. Thanks to these features, to prevent faulty replace process, no questions asked like "CHANGE IT YES/NO" before any replace process as well as other repalce programs. Multi Replacer supports the Drag&Drop and Clipboard features of Windows.

Search results are displayed as text outputs and provides the abilty of data extraction. All e-mail adresses can be easily obtained by searching in a batch file and the results can be saved to the files.
E-Mail Search Code:

Regular Expressions: On

All search tasks can be saved under a Project file; in this way, the same or similar search / replace operations can be easily repeated the next periods.

Text / data search can be operated with MS Office (Word,Excel) and PDF files.

Multi Replacer Program has the ability of making transactions from the command line.

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